Cuddly bit of evil

I did finally break free from the allure of the scarf, setting it aside yesterday in order to cast on for Richard’s birthday present. Every year I try to knit him at least one thing that is goofy; in years past he’s received a penguin and a felted jellyfish, among others. This year I decided, since we are both Dr. Who fans, that he needed his very own Dalek.

I started this yesterday morning; this afternoon I wove in all the ends, and this evening I gave it to him as an early birthday present. Here he is, Richard’s very own cuddly evil Dalek of doom.

The pattern is Exterminknit, and I used some random acrylic from my stash. I would like to state, for the record, that this project has pretty much cemented in me a deep and abiding hatred of bobbles. But otherwise, it was a fun project to make, and I think it’s safe to say that it made a definite hit.

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4 Responses to Cuddly bit of evil

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  2. caitlyn says:

    I love it! What an awesome present!

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  4. ruth says:

    i love how your sense of humor comes through in your knitting!!! awesomely creative. 🙂

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