Pair of puppets

I am nearly done with all the crocheted slippers (phew), and yet, still no pictures.

However, I do have some pictures of a few other recent projects. I test knit this adorable little bug hand puppet for Anna last month.

The pattern includes the basic puppet template, and then modifications to make either the bug, a chick, or a monkey. Considering that my resident computer nerd refers to himself as a code monkey, I knew that a monkey version was definitely required. I finished up this little guy this afternoon.

On the needles – the last of the Mary Jane slippers (for my little sister’s birthday present), my Owls sweater, and the Clueless cardigan (which I admit I have not touched since February). One of these months I’ll drag it out and finish it. Really, I will.

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2 Responses to Pair of puppets

  1. catsmum says:

    Oakley, Sophie and MissC are of the opinion that the next puppet should [ of course ] be a cat

  2. Emily says:

    I vote kitty, too!

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