I am, at this moment, extremely frustrated. I thought I had enough of the watery blue-green yarn to make the textured sweater, but that does not appear to be the case. I think it’s likely I would be able to finish the front and back, but there would certainly not be enough for sleeves. And what is worse, I bought exactly the same amount of the bluish purple yarn, which means that now I cannot make either of the sweaters I had intended to make.

I suppose it’s good I figured this out now before I started in on the back piece, but this means I’ve spent the last few weeks working on something that I’m only going to have to unravel completely. I’m only hoping that I can somehow redo the entire thing so it works for a short sleeved top that’s not quite as loose fitting – if that works at least I can make one of those from each of the colors. But if it doesn’t I’m not entirely sure what to do. I guess this is a really good lesson in why I should never buy yarn from a yarn show, and instead stick to buying the yarn from somewhere where I might have a shot at getting more in the same colors if this kind of thing happens. That’s small consolation right now, however, when I’m faced with a pile of yarn and a mostly finished front piece that cannot actually be used.

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