Up and coming

This summer is shaping up to be a season of repetition in my knitting To Do list. While working on the pretty multi-colored eyelet band afghan, I told my very patient husband that the very next thing I would make would be an afghan for him. Yesterday we just happened to be near a Joann Fabrics, so we made a quick detour to the yarn aisles, and picked out a pile of yarn in a cream with little flecks of black and brown. It’s the sort of yarn that cries out for cables, so I’m already mapping out possibilities in my head (one of which will involve some clever grafting and figuring out how to convert an existing cable pattern upside down).

The multi-colored afghan that I have nearly finished is now going to go to one of my nephews. When we came home from the yarn store, I immediately logged in and placed a huge order for lots more afghan yarn – another stack of Red Heart Monet for a duplicate eyelet band afghan for the second nephew (since I figure identical blankets for brothers means one less thing for them to argue about – they are typical little brothers, after all!). I found a wonderful yarn that is a gorgeous swirl of bold, bright pinks and purples, which seems much more suited to my little niece, who adores pinks and purples and anything with lots of color.

That’s three afghans so far – all of which will likely have the same eyelet band pattern (we’ll see how it works in the purple and pink when the yarn arrives), but that’s not all! Also on the To Do list are afghans for both brothers-in-law. I’d already intended to make one for my younger sister’s husband (since there’ve been some dropped hints), and it just so happens I’ve got a huge pile of green yarn that will work perfectly. Still figuring out what to do for the other brother in law, but I figure if I make it through those five afghans and have time for the sixth, I’m doing great. Toss in a whole pile of candy cane socks (stocking stuffers for the women in the family) and at least one laceweight shawl that I have promised myself I will make this summer, and it’s going to be a busy knitting season for the next five or six months!

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