Sneaking in a row here and there

The last four days have had barely any knitting content whatsoever, unfortunately. Our church is a little old one from the 1800’s, without a lot of money, so when there’s maintenance work to be done, the members gather together to do it themselves. There’s the benefit of getting to learn new skills (for example, when they were building the new front steps and porch, a lot of us got to learn how to lay bricks), but it does mean the occasional blitz of time dedicated to hard work. This past week was a blitz week, in that we have had projects going on every night from 5-9pm. If I wasn’t the chair of the Board of Trustees I might have found all manner of excuses to not go every single night, but unfortunately, with position comes responsibility, and all that. So my days this week have been spent getting up, going to work, coming home just long enough to change into grubby clothes, and head over to the church to do things like paint and repair and clean and so forth. Last night we ended a little earlier, enough earlier that I came home and immediately picked up my Kiri, just so I could get in a few rows. Despite nearly falling asleep a few times, I did manage to finish off another pattern repeat, bringing total stitch count on the needles up to 273. It’s coming along really nicely.

The good news is that I should have a little more knitting time over the weekend. I’m flying off to Las Vegas with my sisters for our third annual Sisters Only weekend (no husbands, no kids, all fun all the time). I figure Kiri is the perfect project for knitting on the plane, and since I have a very hard time sleeping in strange places, I’ll likely end up getting a lot of knitting done in the wee hours for the next two nights. But hey, if I have to deal with insomnia, at least I can be doing something useful with that time!

In knitting-related news, I checked out the entire Harmony series from the library, and decided I needed to buy them for myself. So I bought volumes 2 through 5 (since volume 1 is basic knitting, which I already know) and have been having fun poring through them and oohing and aahing over all the different stitch patterns. I have a few more afghans to make, after all, plus I’m pondering trying to make some kind of lace panel for the glass door to the back yard, so I need all the inspiration I can get!

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