Fuzzy feats

It has been so very lovely having nothing that really *has* to be done. I finished my little sister’s scarf in time to send it back to Seattle with her, and it was just a simple garter stitch scarf on size 11 needles, knit until the skein was gone. I’ve sent her a list of hat possiblities for her to choose from, but until I hear back from her, the hat can just wait, especially while I do other things just for fun.

I went yarn shopping with a friend on Thursday morning and picked up three skeins of Noro because I decided it was about time I made myself a Booga Bag, just like all the cool kids have. The colors are vibrant jewel tones – turquoise and green, purples and blues and a streak of rust thrown in just for kicks. It includes six feet of i-cord, but I actually like making i-cord because it is so very mindless and because it is only a few stitches per row it just zips by.

The bag is waiting to be felted because I decided I might as well felt everything all together in one load. I’ve got this leftover heathered grey wool and Richard needs some new slippers, so I am making him his very own pair of fuzzy feet. Normally I might cringe at making another pair of socks for him because he has much larger feet than I, but I’m using size 11 needles so it just flies. I like this ability to make things using large needles. Much less squinting and swearing than with those size 0’s I used for that doily. Heh.

Oh. And since it is Richard’s birthday today, I can now show pictures of the secret project, which I actually finished after I gave it to him because it turned out I needed to add another foot of length.

What better thing to make for a guy who loves penguins and is also a big Linux geek than a Linux illusion scarf?

I found the pattern months ago, so it was rather convenient I learned how to do illusion knitting at the retreat in November. I bought myself some Plymouth Encore, and cast on for the scarf while at the retreat, the night I learned the technique, and I’ve been sneaking in knitting time on it ever since. Even on size 6 needles this scarf went fairly quickly, considering the time I had to work on it when Richard wasn’t around. And now I am pondering making one for myself – perhaps one with snowflakes.

But for now, I am all about the fuzzy feet and the felting. And also possibly some afghans becausein a small fit of stash reorganization and cleaning yesterday afternoon I found the pile of autumn leaf colored yarn I’d bought for myself last summer and after making all those afghans for everyone else I think it is time I made one just for me.

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  1. Carla says:

    That scarf is incredible – so awesome! I just found your blog, and I am totally digging it. It’s also nice to read some Bay Area knitters – I used to live in Menlo Park! Hope you’re staying dry.
    – Carla

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