State of the Knitting

It’s time once again for the annual State of the Knitting entry, where I go back and see what I accomplished over the last year. I did this last year and it was a rather nice surprise to figure out everything I managed to finish.

This year I’m going to list things by category because it will just be easier this way:

Afghans and baby blankets:







I think that about covers it. I’m actually quite proud of how much I managed to finish last year, especially considering last year was the year I learned how to make socks, knit lace, and do illusion knitting. I’ve already got a list of ideas for what I want to make this year

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2 Responses to State of the Knitting

  1. Sharon J says:

    Wow! You’re one prolific knitter! There’s some lovely stuff on that list, that’s for sure. The cable blanket is absolutely gorgeous! I don’t mind doing the odd cable project but I really don’t think I’d stick with one that huge! Well done 🙂 ~Sharon

  2. Von says:

    Very impressive!

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