T3 – A done deal

Look what I wore to work today!

Yes, T3 is done – although sorry for the quality of the picture – this was me trying to take it myself, so that’s the flash you see reflected in the mirror. Mostly. I’m realizing that I need to do something about the little holes left behind in the back from the shortrow shaping, but otherwise it’s done. Thursday night I tacked on the sleeves and then gave it a good soak and laid it out to dry flat.

It’s looser than I was expecting, but I think that’s because there’s no ribbing on the bottom to bring it closer to the body. Otherwise I’m quite happy with it. The yarn is all soft and snuggly and it’s pretty and purple and I think one of these days I just might make another one. Maybe. Some day.

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3 Responses to T3 – A done deal

  1. Stephanie says:

    YAY!! Looks Great!! I’m glad I finished mine too. (well..not mine..my daughter’s) I’m so totally thinking of making another one for my “ample” self. Maybe cotton or something.

  2. chris says:

    Cute!! I love the purple color !

    I had the little holes on the back, too — I was gonna just take a bit of yarn and sort of “sew” them up while finishing.

  3. Melisa says:

    Looks great to me! I love the color! I can’t believe I haven’t started on mine, yet. I just can’t seem to decide on the yarn.

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