Back to the basics

Now that both the shawl and T3 are done, and also now that I have that third skein of yarn and no more excuses, I really ought to be returning to work on the Seabreeze sweater. However, on a whim I decided to get started on an afghan, since I’ve yet to knit an afghan and thought it was about time. I knit all the way through a marathon Dungeons and Dragons session on Saturday (while another player worked on a chainmail piece and two others sketched – we’re a crafty bunch of nerds, we are) and kept on knitting last night while watching old episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation on DVD.

Seabreeze languishes, untouched for weeks, in my knitting bag, but I am over a foot into what is going to be a small but soft and warm afghan in a fairly simple wave pattern. There’s enough of this yarn to make two of them, but I think once I’ve finished the first I may be so sick of the pattern that I will have no other choice but to bury myself in Seabreeze for a break.

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  1. Starfyre says:

    Oh the envy! I haven’t gotten up the guts to knit at my D&D sessions, mostly ’cause I seem to be the only crafty one there. Lucky you. 🙂

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