37 Pink Ribbons

Tomorrow (May 30th) is my 37th birthday. And you know what would be the most awesome birthday present? If my little sister and I could both reach our fund-raising goals for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer by the time I get home from Ireland (we touch down in Sacramento on June 3rd). My older sister’s already reached her goal, but my little sister and I still have about $2,100 to go between the two of us (and the system unfortunately won’t let us transfer funds between walker accounts).

So please consider sponsoring either me or my little sister for the walk, and pass this around to anyone you can think of. The money goes to a really great cause (you can read all about what the Avon Foundation does here). Plus, I will toss in a little extra incentive. I’m going to be making pink socks with the breast cancer ribbon symbol for my sisters and I to wear on one of the walk days, and I should have enough extra yarn to make at least one more pair of socks (possibly two – I won’t know until I get back home and start knitting). So if you email me with confirmation of a donation to either my account or my little sister’s, I’ll toss all the names into a hat and one (or two – depending on yarn amount) lucky people will get a pair of pink ribbon socks made just for them! Names will be picked at random by some unsuspecting friend or family member once both my little sister and I reach our $1,800 fundraising goals. If I ever do track down sock yarn here in Ireland there might be more socks (or yarn) available for incentives as well.

So how about helping us out? Give me an awesome birthday present by making those little red status bars hit 100% and you might even get a cool pair of handmade socks out of the deal.

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  1. Carrie K says:

    Happy Birthday!

    As soon as I get over how much my plane tickets to Montreal and then Pittsburg and back to Oakland cost me today, I’ll pony up for the pink ribbons. Before you touch down in Sacramento.

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