Knitting and computer games do not mix

I have started my first pink ribbon socks. It’s a fairly easy pattern – once I did the cable pattern the first time I had it memorized (and I’m using these first socks as test cases anyway, since I’ve already had to modify things a wee bit). You’d think that three weeks would be plenty of time to do three piddly little pairs of socks. But this is only if I can drag myself away from Civilization III. It’s a good thing I still haven’t gotten Civ IV or the world might never hear from me again!

And speaking of the world, can we speed the summer up a bit? Not just to zip right past all this nasty heat we’re having right now – I have a much better motivator. I just want September 9th to get here sooner. And really, what knitter out there could blame me?

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  1. Chrissy says:

    Good luck on getting your socks finished. I know that games of any sort can be distracting. I got a Nintendo DS a few weeks ago, and spent the first full week playing it. I didn’t knit a stitch. As knitters is seems like we must choose only one thing to do!

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