Anyone know of a good yarn store around here?

I haven’t had much time to knit lately, since I’ve been doing a lot of practicing for our upcoming concert, and that’s sucking up most of my free time in the evenings these days. However, progress is being made, albeit slowly. I only need to kitchener the toe of the second sock of the latest pair I’m making for Richard, and I will be ready to cast on something new (next up – an idea I’ve sketched out for some socks that I’m hoping to submit as a design, if I can just work out the issues with resizing). And I am consoling myself over my lack of actual knitting by spending far too much time on Ravelry, adding more projects to my already far too ambitious queue.

So to distract you from the distinct lack of updating and knitting content on this site, I’ll share a cool new site just recently brought online – KnitMap (I’ve copied part of the description from their About page):

KnitMap is a Yarn Store finder. It’s a site that catalogues and maps the locations of retail shops that sell yarn, knitting supplies and knitting accessories. You can search to find these locations in the US, Canada, UK and most of Europe. Its anywhere that Google maps will work, and the list is growing everyday! Once you’ve found a shop, you can rate it’s attributes, leave comments, upload photos, and add it to your Favorites.

It’s a pretty new site, so be patient while they work out all the bugs, but so far it looks like they’re off to a great start. Just plug in a location, and it’ll spit out a list of yarn stores in that area, and all their pertinent information. And if you don’t see your favorite LYS listed yet, create an account, log in, and add it to the rapidly growing list.

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3 Responses to Anyone know of a good yarn store around here?

  1. Carol says:

    LOVE the black cat. My first cat was black with white paws – her name was Trixie. Anyway, that’s also a great photo.

  2. Carol says:

    Hmm. I just realized that I completely didn’t respond to the gist of your post but since I’m a first-time visitor, maybe I’ll be excused….

  3. Ruth says:

    hi! found you via Ravelry’s Sacramento SnB group! didn’t know about the Knitmap – thanks for the link! =)

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