One step forward

Oh happy day! Finally got ahold of the yarn place and I am to send them a chunk of the skeins I’ve got of the watery blue green so they can check their stash, or try to match it for me. And in the meantime I have pretty much convinced myself that I need the Twilight yarn from them, enough to make myself a sweater. I’m not sure what pattern I’d use – with the varigated colors in the yarn it won’t support a complex pattern – but I have a few ideas. It’s simply too delicious to pass up.

In the meantime I have half the front completed. I haven’t had a chance to even start the right side of the neck split yet – been too busy with other things – but Friday night is craft night (or in other words, an excuse for a bunch of us women to get together, work on our current projects, and gab endlessly for a few hours straight!) so my hope is that I’ll have the entire front done (and ready for pictures) by this weekend. I am so far really liking the look of the keyhole neck, although the finished fabric does tend to curl in on itself (the perils of stockinette stitch, I suppose) so I may have to find some way of ‘reinforcing’ those little pieces so they at least lie a bit flatter.

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