This week I’ve pretty much been working on Soleil. After the lace bottom border, the rest is pretty much mindless stockinette, and the fact that it’s worked in the round (at least til you divide for the armholes) means the knitting went pretty quickly.

Here’s where I was as of Thursday night.

And here’s where I am tonight.

I included the first shot because it shows the lace border a little better (and also, if you look closely, the lovely turquoise band that has been permanently dyed to my finger since I started using this yarn!).

I’ll admit that there was part of me that was hoping I’d be able to finish this by today or tomorrow because how often do you get to say you knit an entire sweater in one week? But I don’t think I”ll get the front done tomorrow afternoon, and since this doesn’t really have to be complete until Mother’s Day, there’s really no need to push it.

Naturally this means that I decided, this morning, to take a break from the never ending rounds of turquoise and cast on another pair of socks. I’m using Trekking XXL in Pebble, and this pattern. I brought yarn and needles to the ladies’ tea I attended this afternoon and my knitting friend and I sat side by side at our table and worked on our respective socks during a marvelous presentation on the history of the railroad in California, put on by several docents from the Railroad Museum. They do this tea every year and it is always sold out because it is so much fun, but this is the first time I ever thought to knit at one. Somehow the art of making socks with pretty little lace inserts on the sides seemed very appropriate to a ladies’ tea.

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